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Each half gallon mix (with the exception of Lime Margarita) makes about 3.5 gallons of finished product. Lime Margarita makes approximately 4.5 gallons of finished product. Expect around 40-60 9oz drinks per mix.

No, we do not supply any alcohol. Our mixes are concentrates that contain no liquor or alcohol. It is your responsibility to provide all alcohol as needed.

Additional mixes are $22.00 with the exception of Bushwacker which is $27.00.

No, ice is not needed as the machine freezes the mix.  All you need is water, Margarita Man mix, and alcohol (if you choose).

No, our mix is made exclusively for our commercial machines. Other mixes may cause damage to the machine. 

Yes! You can serve any of our mixes with or without alcohol. The frozen slushies are always a big hit at children’s parties. If you have a special mix request, just let us know. We have been known to customize flavors!

Rental price includes one mix (two for double head machine), mixing jug, 50 cups, cart, heavy-duty extension cord, and setup of your first mix. 

We have multiple different type machines which freeze at different rates. Plan on it taking 45 minutes to an hour and a half to freeze in a cool environment.  You will never have a lag in freeze time, as you can continually add mix as you go with these machines.  We do recommend a dedicated outlet, and to start your machine several hours ahead of time to make sure your machine works at optimum performance.

We take care of all cleaning and sanitation after your event.  All we ask is that you drain the mix out of the bowls…you can freeze or refrigerate anything you don’t use during your event.

The machine must remain at the address the machine is dropped off at. If the machine is moved to another location other than on the contract, There is a $ 500 transportation Fee.

We recommend at least 4 weeks to ensure availability.  During graduation, Halloween, New Years, etc….we recommend 6 weeks.